Tech Equipment: GoPro Hero5 Black

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In this article we will analyze the GoPro Hero5 Black, a trusted travel companion very versatile able to show off a quality that really satisfies anyone, provided you know how to use it in the right way. So I would say immediately throw in this discussion of what we consider the best action cam on the market.

The technical specifications that we find on this GoPro are very interesting:

  •   dimensions: 62 x 44.6 x 33.7 mm;
  •   impermeability up to 10 meters without installation of an additional case (after which if you want to bring it to a higher depth you need a casing but the actual reachable depth will be 60 meters);
  •   2-inch touch display;
  •   a 12 MPx camera with a wide-angle lens and 170-degree viewing angle;
    possibility to register in:
    4K to 30 – 25 – 24 fps
             2.7K to 60 – 50 – 48 – 30 – 25 – 24 fps
             1440p to 80 – 60 – 50 – 48 – 30 – 25 – 24 fps
             1080p at 120 – 90 – 80 – 60 – 50 – 48 – 30 – 25 – 24 fps
             960p to 120 – 60 – 50 fps
             720p to 240 – 120 – 100 – 60 – 50 – 30 – 25 fps
             WVGA at 240 fps


  •  software stabilization;
  •  expandable memory up to 128 gb.


Then proceed to points.


The Hero5, given its very small size, can safely be carried anywhere and in any trouser or bag. During our travels we managed to never miss our flexible friend managing to shoot beautiful sunsets in time lapse on the shores of the Indian Ocean, to photograph and record a swim with a beautiful giant turtle or, immersed in the snow, to record at 240 fps a reindeer dig in search of food. In short, there is no situation that this GoPro can not deal with.


Another advantage is the possibility of taking it to the lake or the sea without the worry of not being able to immerse it. In fact this feature allows it to be carried underwater even if salty or sweet; in the situations we faced it was never necessary to buy a house that would allow the GoPro to reach the 60 meters of depth declared by the manufacturer. Here it goes according to your needs and to the use, at least marine, that you want to make; for our part, as we are not practicing underwater activities, we can not give any indication.

Camera and Display

Here we come to the central point, for which we have acquired this precise model. On board this Hero5 we find a wide-angle camera with a 170-degree viewing angle useful for shooting wide-ranging panoramas, with multiple and / or timed shooting possibilities, useful if we want to shoot a precise sequence of movement and the possibility of taking night shots that enhance the light / shade contrast.

This product, although there are enough complete photographic options, was born to meet a specific request: to make video footage on the move and easily excluding the clutter of the most traditional machines and ease of use. In fact we have “only” two physical keys: “rec” key placed above the camera and the power button instead placed on the side of the same; the rest is delegated to the 2 “display.

Camera and Video

In this subcategory we will see together the video options of this action cam able to get to record in an optimal way in 4K with a maximum of 30 fps. In fact, it offers many setting options that range and really meet any user need, but the really useful ones we think are 3 of those possible, namely:

4K to 30 – 25 – 24 fps
1080p at 120 fps
720p to 240 fps

In addition to the obvious 4K resolution, beautiful to watch with televisions and monitors capable of supporting it, we found much more interesting and interesting options for 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps. In fact, in these modes you have access to excellent resolution, in fact we speak of FullHD in 1080p and HD in 720p format. On what we want to put more emphasis on the fps, the latter in fact having a high rate (240 and 120 per second) not only allow different roads for any post production but also create an excellent effect when used in fast situations. We have used it on several occasions including a husky sled race in which we have touched peaks of 20 km / h and the effect, acting on the video in post-production, is really very satisfying and complete.

Among the peculiarities of this camera there is certainly to underline the ability to shoot at night which leads the software to act directly on the fps; in the case of low-light shooting we have activated the special “Night Shooting” function which, precisely, bringing the frames to the second at 30 allows the lens to capture much more light and make the images much brighter.

Instead, let’s dedicate two words to the effect of software stabilization of the camera. The latter in fact does not stabilize through a bearing located around the lens but performs a crop of the image thus going to reduce the field of vision of the same, GoPro in fact declares a loss of about 10%. In this case we promote stabilization but with reservations as this method works to stabilize the moving image a little but can not keep up with the competitors (one on all Sony action cams, which often make stabilization work mechanics and software together). In summary this function is useful but do not expect stabilized videos even when the vibrations during your shooting are very high.

Battery and memory expansion

In a compartment on the bottom of the camera we find the housing of the 1220 mAh battery that allows us to record in 4K at 30 fps for about 35/40 minutes or in 1080p at 120 fps and at 720p at 240 fps for about 1 hour; I would therefore say that by duration it is in line with most of the other action cams on the market. Our advice is to get a powerbank that can recharge the GoPro if necessary, as with this combination you can have the action cam always ready for several days. We do not recommend the purchase of a second battery, as the prices of the latter tend to equate, if not even exceed, the cost of a good powerbank.

In the same battery compartment we also find the microSD slot that supports a maximum of 128 GB of expandable memory. From the moment of our purchase we used this Hero5 equipped with only a 32GB microSD that allowed us to exceed more than 10 days of 1080p shooting and several time lapse (this mode is among our favorites).


The GoPro Hero5 has been used by us in many adventures, extreme and otherwise. The end result that this small action cam is able to offer, combined with extreme portability and very complete settings, ensures that in our travels it is an essential element to combine a complete set of accessories.

We hope you enjoyed this article, there are still many topics related to this GoPro Hero5. If you want a guide to the use of the action cam, which settings to use and how to set them correctly maybe going a bit ‘more about the professional let us know with a comment at the bottom of the article.

See you soon