LAPLAND – Where, when and why

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An enchanted and wonderful land, the Lapland. In winter, when a white blanket settles on vegetation, on waterways, on houses, is the moment in which it can give the strongest emotions. Its eternal charm derives mainly from the fact that it is not a trip for everyone, it is challenging both from an economic and organizational point of view and, not least, from a physical point of view, because being outdoors with temperatures of several tens of degrees below zero is not a joke. However, with due care, it is a journey that can be planned and done in complete autonomy and that, believe me, will remain in your heart.

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The professional travelers and the “travel sick” like us will fall in love with this land and its fairytale landscapes, where nature is the main character; all the others will undoubtedly appreciate the vast tourist offer and the welcome of its inhabitants.


The first questions that arises when considering this tourist destination are “where to go?” and “when to go?”.

For where to go , it depends. The airports in which you can land are different and well located on the territory, you just have to clearly understand what the purpose of the trip is. Ours was reaching a location as North as possible to increase the chances of seeing the Borealis Aurora. So we chose Ivalo. You can decide to stay in this small village or to reach the largest Inari (40 km further north), or to head towards the more touristic Saariselkä (30 km further South, equipped with ski facilities, ideal for winter sports). However, if what you are looking for is an on-the-road trip, you can decide to fly to a destination further South, such as Rovaniemi, and then gradually head towards the northern border, touching all the main locations.

When? From September to April every moment is right to enjoy the show of the Northern Lights. Some people say that the best Aurora can be observed in spring and fall, also due to the less rigid temperatures that would stress less your body and cameras. On the other hand, in the last days of the year you can boast of seeing the so-called “polar night” (whose peak is during the solstice of December), namely those days when the sun never rises, but this does not mean that you will have 24 hours of total darkness, you will see the clear sky for a few hours a day, but they will not be rays coming directly from the sun because this will never come out horizon, it will rather be a refracted brightness.


Do you still need to be convinced of why a winter trip to Lapland?

Because it is good for body and soul. Just landed, you are overwhelmed by such a beauty of nature that it is impossible to be indifferent. We take off from our chaotic cities and arrive in this unreal world, completely white, muffled, in which the frenzy is only a distant memory, in which the clear air becomes biting on your face and the only sound you can hear is the creak of your footsteps on icy paths.

Because it is an alternative destination, far from the mass tourism of European capitals or the crowded tropical beaches.

Because the “Northen Lights” are a show that deserves to be seen at least once in life.

Because Santa Claus lives here.

Because driving a sleigh pulled by dogs is an unusual experience, truly exciting.