LAPLAND – Organize your trip: bookings, airlines and airports

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Do you want to organize a trip to Lapland but you do not know from what to start? Do not worry, we will tell you about what our experience was and give you the necessary information and some little advice. I confess, in fact, that our first attempt to plan the trip was not successful. On the PC screen appeared very expensive prices for the flight tickets; very uncomfortable trip and very long stopovers, hotels mostly sold out. After this very first negative approach, however, we did not get discouraged and we realized that for Lapland, simply, we had to play more in advance. And so it was! We really hope that this article can help you.

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First thing to say, Lapland has 4 airports, 3 of which are international, well distributed on the territory. You can choose the place to stay and spend your holiday without being discouraged by the difficulty in reaching it.

So let’s start with a list of the Lapland places that have an airport:

Ivalo mappa3




Once you decided where to go, the second step is deciding with which company to fly. The airlines that serve the localities of Lapland are mainly Norwegian and Finnair departing from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Some flights are operated by other airlines and provide a connection to some of the major European cities. Below is a summary table:

Ivalo can be reached from Helsinki with Norwegian, Finnair and Air France; from Frankfurt with Lufthansa;

Rovaniemi can be reached from Helsinki with Norwegian, Finnair, Air France, British Airways, Iberia; from London with Norwegian;

Kittilä can be reached from Helsinki with Finnair and Air France; from Paris with Finnair; from London with Finnair and British Airways; from Munich with Lufthansa;

Kemi-Tornio can be reached from Helsinki with Finnair and Air France.

However, if your departure point is not one of the European cities mentioned above, we recommend you to go to Helsinki: being the most served route will be the one with the greatest frequency of flights and, consequently, the cheaper one. Please note that in different period of the years flights and connections could change, so verify before booking.


We come now to the cult point of our article. What is the right time to book? If you are planning a trip for the Christmas holidays, we recommend that you book at least the internal connection from Helsinki to your Lappish destination in advance. How early? At least 6 months, but 1 year in advance would be better. The connection between Helsinki and the rest of Europe is decidedly less critical and can also be purchased later, but not too close to departure, if you do not want to see the ticket cost doubled or tripled.

Where to buy the air ticket? The most reliable method is certainly to operate directly on the airline’s website:



If you want to purchase from the online travel agencies that offer the most advantageous rates, the advice is: find out first! Look for feedback, which has many and positive, that do not reveal alternative procedures to validate the purchase. It is better to pay few euros more and get tickets immediately to the hand rather than having to go crazy to call non-existent numbers or look for ghost offices (and I assure you that it is not rare that happens, we too fell into the trap…).

We want now to tell you about our experience. For our year-end trip, we bought the plane ticket for the Helsinki-Ivalo route in April on the Norwegian website, thus obtaining a very advantageous rate; in July we bought the Lufhtansa Milan-Helsinki connection (with a stopover in Frankfurt) but with a slight surcharge compared to the initial estimate. During our stay we met an Italian family that from Helsinki reached Rovaniemi by train and then pushed up to Ivalo by car (but you can also do it by bus), it can therefore be a valid alternative to the plane.

See you soon