LAPLAND – 5 good reasons to stay in Ivalo

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Have you followed our articles on this wonderful land but are you undecided about where to stay? Here is a Top 5 ready for you, according to us, Ivalo is a good place to stay!

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1- It is close to the airport

Just a few minutes by car, bus or taxi and you will be immediately at your hotel, nothing more comfortable! The small town is in fact just 7 kilometers away from the airport, if you are hardened walkers on the hottest days you could even go by feet. By saving time to transfer to the hotel you can immediately start enjoying your holiday. But be careful: although the distances are negligible, it is not so obvious to be able to cover them quickly: the bus have their timetables and are not as frequent as you would expect, we recommend you consult the timetable on the website of the transportation company. Even finding a taxi is not so easy, it is preferable to reserve it a day in advance.

2- Services at your fingertips

In the town you will find everything you need, there are supermarkets and mini-markets, hotels, souvenir shops, several restaurants, a pub ( Ivalo) and some small fast food, 2 churches, a pharmacy, gas stations and different kind of shops. The inhabited center is dislocated along a straight road interrupted here and there by some roundabout, along which you will find all the services listed above; from the main road various secondary ways lead to hotels and homes. By feet you can reach every point of the town, the sidewalks are very large and you can walk safely. Supermarkets, such as K-Supermarket and S-Market, are large and well supplied. Inside the K-Supermarket you will also find a place to enjoy a bit of the Finnish cuisine (the Bistro & Cafè Ivalo). To bring home some typical gift, such as a wooden utensil, a cup, a bag or some Finnish snacks, we recommend the Lapland Shop. Another small souvenir shop is located inside the Ivalo hotel lobby.


3- Ideal for spotting the Borealis Aurora

Ivalo is a good starting point for the Aurora hunting. All the hotels organize excursions where you will be taken to the woods, in isolated areas, away from the lights of the houses to observe in optimal conditions the spectacle of the Northern Lights at its best. Instead, if your accommodation is placed a little further from the town you can arrange yourself and you do not need to join to safari agencies (very expensive, the price per person is around 150 euros!). You should just venture into the wood looking for open unlighted areas and check all the sky around you. The best way to see the Aurora in Ivalo is going on the namesake river: its wide and icy bed, devoid of trees, will make a splendid setting for the Northern Lights.


4- Wide range of winter activities

It is one of the most equipped centers for winter sports and for the activities to be carried out. You can organize your ride on a sled pulled by dogs or reindeer along a forest path, or take a snowmobile trip, or try your hand at fishing in the frozen river, go cross-country skiing, walk with snowshoes, take a ride with the fatbike and much more. If you want to combine your holiday with a day of culture and discover the traditions of the Sami people, you will only have to go to nearby Inari and visit the Siida Museum. Other types of activities that can be carried out comfortably in the hotel consist in taking part in the barbeque in the typical wooden “huts”, purifying themselves in the characteristic dry saunas and relaxing in the heated outdoor pools, surrounded by snow.


5- It is easy to move around

Inside Ivalo there is no place that can not be reached with a little walk, it is a village on a human scale. When you decide to leave the town, do not worry, Ivalo is located along the main route of northern Finland, the E75, which connects the most important places in Lapland. The Matkahuolto public transportation company will allow you to move to nearby Inari or reach Rovaniemi in just over 3 hours, 280 km further south, via Saariselkä, Sodankylä and other small villages along the way. Alternatively, if you are free spirits and you want to enjoy this land in complete autonomy, you can rent a car. The counters of the main car rental companies are placed into Ivalo airport. We advise against relying on taxis for trips: they are difficult to find because they are often booked by hotels as a transfer for their guests, they are few and expensive.

The choice of Ivalo was a pleasant discovery for us, the right mix of uncontaminated nature and the necessary to deal with any holiday. In this article we have listed all the things we appreciated, no doubt that Lapland is full of other equally valid and equally beautiful destinations. However, if you decide to stay in Ivalo, we hope that our advice can help you.

See you soon