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Women, as we know, are much more vain than men and would never give up to appear tidy and fashion, even when the climatic conditions become prohibitive. In this article, written especially for her, we will give you a little handbook to not give up femininity even when temperatures drop below -20 ° C.

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Let’s start from the base, the underwear. It will have to fit like a second skin and cover you from the neck to the ankles, in fully Eva Kent style. You have two options: go to a sporting goods store and ask for a good thermal underwear, spending many money (from 100 to 200 euros) or go to the market near your home and buy a tight wool or polyester sweater and a leggings of fleece or a padded one, all for 20 or 30 euros.

Immediately above the underwear you can wear a second tight leggings or your favorite ski pants: if you decide to wear no-waterproof trousers, take care to shake off the snow in the transition from the cold outside to the warmth of a heated environment , to avoid finding yourself with wet clothes. For the upper part of your body you can opt for a warm and tight fleece, which emphasizes your silhouette, take a look at the clothing lines of Montura.

At this point you can follow two ways: buy a parka very hot but also very expensive (from € 600 to go up), or buy two separate layers, more versatile and reusable on several occasions, perhaps saving money. A fake common idea is that a jacket very padded necessarily implies that it is also the hottest one: the new technologies in the textile industry allow to obtain materials with strong insulating properties in very thin layers! So you can add clothing layers without looking like a clumsy stack of walking clothes. By opting for several layers the winning combination is Primaloft + Gore-Tex, the former insulating, the latter waterproof. These jackets are very expensive (200-300 euros each), so if you want to save money we recommend to use the jacket in Primaloft as an under-jacket (try the models of Montura, beautiful as well as functional) and then add a warm waterproof cheaper parka, the Decathlon Rainwarm 900 is a low-cost alternative (only 150 euros).

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At last, the extremities of the body, which are also the most difficult parts to keep warm. Also here the important thing is stratifying! For your feet get some very warm wool socks, the ones you bought last time at Christmas markets, and 1 or 2 pairs of heavy socks to wear under the others. You can wear padded waterproof boots or a glamorous pair of fur boots (fake fur, I recommend), with the trick to wear the Gore-Tex waterproof socks inside the shoes (you can find it in the bike shop). The recommendation is to choose very hot shoes. For the hands get a sub-glove of fleece and a pair of padded and well insulated gloves, a valid mark is the Level, make sure that the label is marked “X WARM 4000” that indicates that product is guaranteed up to -22°C. For the head will be enough a wool cap to which we will add the hood of the Primaloft jacket and finally the parka one.

Finally a scarf and here you are ready, warm and fashion for -20°C! If is it not enough? You have understood it by now, stratify and add where you need it.

Footnote: All the garments listed in this article can be found in the clothing stores and sports equipment DF-Sport Specialist and Decathlon. The brands mentioned are those of the products that we have been able to personally try and which for us have brilliantly passed the test.

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