LAPLAND – How to dress, for him!

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The North has always fascinated mankind and arouses great emotions, thanks to its magnificent landscapes that frame unique natural phenomena and in which wild animals, trees and snowy moors follow each other without interruption.

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However, in order to fully enjoy this wonderful place, the biggest obstacle to face, once the organization is over (you can find our article here) is undoubtedly the clothing: “how should I dress to bear very rigid temperatures for several hours?“. After giving advice in the article dedicated to the girls, we can now face the same question, but focusing on the boys.

How to withstand temperatures of -28°, saving money!

Yes, it can be done and without the obligation to spend a lot of money; we will see together how, with spending less than 300 euros, we can equip ourselves with clothing that overcomes the challenge of time and travel. Shops specializing in the sale of equipment for low temperatures and technical clothing are not so difficult to find, one in particular DF-Sport Specialist. However, if your intent, as it was ours, is to protect you from the cold without having to pay out amounts that are around 900 euros, we will show you how we managed it. All this with the idea of re-using the garments. The articles I am about to describe you have been purchased at Decathlon; below you will find the detailed list.



SHARM W9 man jacket: we chose this jacket because of its high wind and cold resistance, in fact it can protect up to a maximum of -20°C and guarantees wind insulation. Price: 80 EUR.
Neck warmer: the choice is based on your personal preferences but in principle the rule of “one is worth the other” is applied. We have opted for this model only for the yummy price: 2,90 EUR.
Man jacket SH500 ACTIVE WARM: another garment that has proved to be very important is this fleece because as its technical characteristics promise (and keeps!) it can keep you very warm; worn under the jacket the protection over -20°C is ensured. Price: 39 EUR.
Adult ski muffles slide 700: the hands are the parts of the body that disperse more of all heat but thanks to this product (also tested up to a limit temperature of -30) we managed to overcome each exit. Suffering, paradoxically, also from excessive heat. Price: 39 EUR.
Man SH900 WARM gray trousers: the mobility is slightly sacrificed in favor of optimal protection for the legs. However, if the temperature drops below -15 degrees, the ideal is to combine it with a thermal jogging pants. Impermeability and heat are guaranteed. Price: 49 EUR.
Snow boots man SH500 warm: last but not least, this model of snow boots surprised us. It is warm, comfortable and absolutely not slippery. Price: 39 EUR.

As you can see you can enjoy a holiday in Lapland, or in any destination where temperatures are quite strong, with a total cost of 248,90. The important thing to underline is that all these items can also be reused in our latitudes for a weekend at the mountains, for high altitude excursions or simply to protect you from the cold on the coldest winter days. Excluding snow boots eh! We certainly would not want to walk in the historic centers of our cities and seem ridiculous…would you?!

See you soon