NEW CALEDONIA – The Isle of Pines seen from above, flying over the world’s number one lagoon

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In our previous article (which you can read here) we intrigued you by telling you, through words and images, about this little unspoiled paradise which is the Isle of Pines. The place is so beautiful that we didn’t limit ourselves to explore it only from our terrestrial perspective, but we decided to let our drone soar in the sky, against the wind coming from the ocean and the result was really amazing. So we decided to dedicate a post to the aerial views of the island, because the sky is the best observation point of a mostly flat island and it is from the sky that the world’s number one lagoon, UNESCO World Heritage, reveals all its secrets and enchants its guests. Who is arriving on the Isle of Pines by air may have some little anticipation by looking out of the airplane window.


In this article we will therefore leave more space for images than words, we wish you a good vision!

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Oro Bay

We are above the most beautiful bay of the island and it is a breathtaking sight, there are an infinite number of shades for each gradation of blue: it ranges from pale blue near the shore, to intense turquoise in the central part of the bay mixed with patches of cyan, ultramarine blue at the point where the coral reef gives way to ocean depths.

new_caledonia-baie doro01

new_caledonia-baie doro02

new_caledonia-baie doro03

Natural Pools

The basin in which the water becomes deeper, creating a sort of “pool”, is more visible from above; this is the best place to snorkel because of the high density of fish that are trapped during the waltz of the tides. A few meters further on, the sea releases all its energy breaking along the rocky coast. The two arms of salt water (which can be traveled by feet during low tide) that open in different directions both lead to the Oro Bay.

created by dji camera




Saint Maurice Bay

Behind the monument that celebrates the mixture of colonial culture and Kanak culture lies an enchanting beach. The contrast between the green of the grass that comes a few meters from the water and the blue of the sea is striking.

new_caledonia-baie de saint maurice03

new_caledonia-baie de saint maurice04

created by dji camera

created by dji camera

Kuto Bay

The waves that break on the shoreline of this white and impalpable beach create a satisfying and almost hypnotic visual effect. The bay here is much more exposed to the winds than other parts of the island, in fact we could not fly our drone longer.

created by dji camera

new_caledonia-baie de kuto02

On the way to Vao

Along the stretch of coastal road that connects Kuto Bay to Vao, we saw some interesting nuances in the sea, so we squatted on the side of the road and sent our drone in inspection; these are the unbelievable images that he revealed to us. We were speechless…and you?

created by dji camera



created by dji camera


This is only a small part of the wonderful views that this island has in store for its guests. We didn’t documenting from the top when the weather conditions were adverse (discrete air currents on the ground could became too strong at altitude) or simply because we didn’t realize the real potential of the observation point. The lagoon is boundless, the atolls innumerable, you just need to come and discover by yourself what other wonders this land has yet to show you.

See you soon