MAURITIUS – LUX* Le Morne, a 5-stars service

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I don’t know about you, but we have a foolproof technique to find out which is the most exclusive part of a location, where to spend a part of our stay: we look for the area with the highest concentration of luxury hotels on the map and it is done. But in Le Morne we found much more. A hotel that not only marries beautifully with the UNESCO world heritage site in which it is placed, but that flaunts such attention to detail, to make it a daydream even for the most demanding travelers.

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The reception

We reach the hotel by private transfer, yes because the airport shuttle had to be booked 72 hours in advance and we, not knowing it, wrote to the hotel only 2 days before our arrival. The hotel is inaccessible from the outside, where the high walls leave nothing to be glimpsed, there is space only for the imagination…an armored place where the security and privacy of its guests is sacrosanct. Immediately the staff welcome us as soon as we put our feet out of the car. The large arcaded hall opens onto the main swimming pool and by passing it, you can admire the beautiful sea of ​​this stretch of coast, for a wow effect!


In one of the many sitting rooms with a view we are served the welcome drink during the formalities of check-in…the impatience to discover every corner of this place is skyrocketing.


The room

We are led to our accommodation, through a pedestrian path that separates the accommodation from the beach, passing first in front of the suites, our superior room is in fact located in the part of the resort furthest from the reception and services; in the meantime we are shown the various areas hotel. As any luxury hotel, the rooms are large and elegant, divided into several settings and all have the characteristic of overlooking the garden towards the sea with their own balcony or patio.



Our room is dominated by a huge and very comfortable kingsize bed, equipped with top quality pillows…during the dinner the staff takes care of changing the bed textiles to prepare guests for restful sleep, for a prime quality rest. We believe we have never slept so well in a hotel room. Upon our arrival, like a little cuddle, we find a fresh hibiscus flower lying on the bed and jars filled with dried and fresh fruit waiting for us on the desk. The bathroom is a triumph of marble and crystals, equipped with double sinks, tub and shower and a classy vanity set.


The beach

It is the dream of anyone who tries to imagine the ideal sea holiday in Mauritius. A series of straw umbrellas and comfortable padded beds are well distributed in the shade of palm trees.



The towels are already positioned, elegantly rolled up, to await the arrival of the guests.

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Each umbrella has its own menu to order cocktails or snacks from the bar at any time, but there is also a self-service and free station on the beach where you can take a glass of fresh water, flavored with herbs and fruits.


A staff member is always present to supervise the stretch of beach so that no one can annoy the guests. There is also a gazebo for the rental of water sports equipment and diving centers and several hammocks, one of which is in the water (obviously taken by storm for souvenir photos). But let’s get to the part that absolutely amazed us most: the service on the beach. Every day, at set times, the staff members pass among the umbrellas offering different types of pampering: they start with the scented water-based sprays to refresh the face, then continue with the tray of cucumber slices to put on the eyes and with fresh fruit proposed in practical finger food bites, they end with a taste of pizza. To change a little perspective, you could take a break and a dip in one of the 3 beautiful swimming pools of the facility. Do not forget, however, the appointment every day at 16:00 at the central pool bar for the all you can eat crepes buffet, free of charge for guests.


The dinner

The hotel has 3 restaurants, one buffet without reservation and two with a la carte menu, to be booked one day in advance through the hotel app (the use of the app to manage activities is a way to always leave the reception free for guests to check in and check out). Catering in general is a great strength for LUX. The main restaurant is the buffet one and looks like a huge and elegant covered room, open on all sides to leave guests with the pleasant feeling of having dinner by the sea. The light is soft and at the most external tables you can have a romantic dinner by candlelight (if you think you need light to take pictures of your dishes impeccably, choose a table in the center of the room). The food offered has a very wide range of choose and every day of the week the menu has a different theme (just to name a few, the Bistro Buffet, Mediterranean Buffet, Fisherman Buffet, Indian Ocean Buffet and so on). There are always fixed positions whit bakery products, cheeses, dried fruit, cold cuts, salads, raw vegetables, meat and fish to be grilled at the moment, the oriental food corner, the hot dishes area that vary during the day depending on the theme of the dinner and the area with cold dishes in part already portioned in elegant finger food bowls. Finally you will find the desserts area, they are delicious and always different, plus the ice cream and fruit corner. Impossible to taste everything in one dinner, it takes more and more days to try the different flavors. Never seen such a rich and varied buffet!

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You pay a fixed price (drinks are excluded) and take whatever you want as many times as you want. A dinner for two people with a bottle of water costs 4,710.00 MUR (approximately 116.00 EUR). One of the things that have impressed us most? The 1 m diameter cauldron containing many varieties of oriental steamed dumplings (omnipresent, even for breakfast!!!!). But the surprises are not over: in the themed evening “Indian Ocean” you can come across the show of local dances of the Indian Ocean, in which a group of musicians and dancers in traditional clothes and with handmade instruments perform moving inside of the room bringing joy and liveliness.

The breakfast

If dinner has pleasantly amazed you, when you will try breakfast you will never want to leave!! Fresh and delicious food, eaten on a table overlooking the sea, it is an experience that can hardly be described, must be tried with all senses: the scent of freshly baked products, the sound of the waves of the sea, the bright colors of the food, the softness of sweet croissants, the intense taste of local products.

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The buffet is very rich, you will never be able to taste everything in one breakfast (but not even two or three…resign yourself!). The fresh fruit juices (orange, mango, papaya, litches, etc.) are ready in elegant single portion glass bottles, the freshly baked donuts are the best ever eaten in our life and the fresh homemade banana jams, coconut and other exotic fruit literally stole our hearts.

The activities

LUX offers a great variety of activities, some are free of charge, with free access, others require the payment of a supplement. All information on the activities scheduled for the current week can be found on the appropriate app, of which the staff immediately recommends the installation so as not to miss any of what the hotel has to offer. It ranges from sports activities with mountain bike rides and excursions in the beautiful protected natural park of Le Morne Brabant, fitness sessions, golf, yoga by the sea and spa for the well-being of mind and body; for water lovers you can practice kitesurfing followed by an expert staff or swim with dolphins. Activities for the little ones, mini local cooking courses, Mauritian lessons and much more can be discovered by consulting the “Events” section directly on the hotel’s app.


The stay is coming to an end and it is a must to add your own note to the wish tree. Many people come back to detach it once their desire has come true, the staff tells us. While our driver arrives to take us to the international airport, we are led to the car by some smiling girls: in addition to wishing us every good they give us a small gift, a bracelet depicting the symbol of the hotel (a star stylized by an asterisk) with a light blue cord (the same color of the hotel brand) and they goodbye us saying “We wish to see you again next year”. Despite our reluctance to return to the same place twice, we are doing a secret little thought.

See you soon


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