ALSACE – Real places that inspired the fairy tale of “Beauty and the Beast”

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Riquewihr is a small village with medieval charm, also known as the village of “Beauty and the Beast”. In fact, it is the first thing that would come to your mind walking through its streets. Yes, because in Riquewihr the old half-timbered houses have been preserved over time and today their bright colors are reminiscent of a movie set, almost too beautiful to be true. Instead it is true. We had fun looking for some analogy between the frames of the Walt Disney cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” and the photographs taken in Riquewihr and surroundings. Scroll through the article to return to childhood and relive the Disney fairy tale with us!

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The bell tower at the end of the avenue


The glimpse that appears in front of Belle’s eyes is the same as you could see crossing the Rue de la 1E Armée in Riquewihr, with the bell tower of the Protestant Church in the background:


The arcade passage


A house appears above an arch on the street, we found this analogy in a glimpse of Keysersberg (shame about the parked car!!):


The alleyway


If we could take the characters of the frame and place them in the photo below we would probably get the same result, wouldn’t it? The photo was taken in Riquewihr:


The stone arch


The stone brick arch that links one house to another is an architecture widely used in Alsatian villages. These two pictures of arches are taken in Riquewihr, the one located along the Rue du Gènèral de Gaulle even has the climbing plant, as in the frame:



The shop


It is a fairly recurrent glimpse in the Alsatian villages, however the colors and geometries suggest these photos taken in Eguisheim:



The circular fountain


At Place Voltaire, at the beginning of Rue du Gènèral de Gaulle in Riquewihr, we notice a great similarity between the fountain on which Belle sits and the masonry one in the photo:


The street baker


The analogy is mostly in the coloring of the two opposing houses, we are in Eguisheim:


The main street


A wide avenue full of people, with many shops on the sides, reminds us so much of the main street of Riquewihr, Rue du Gènèral de Gaulle:


or the Grand Rue of Ribeauvillé:


Have we convinced you with our photos? Now that you know it could be a nice way to entertain children or to look at these fairytale places in a different way. We already know that the next time we pass here we will have an even more careful eye. And are you ready to be enchanted?

See you soon


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