SWITZERLAND – The spectacular foliage along the road to Saint Moritz

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Someone enthusiastically says that autumn is a second spring, whilst someone else associate it with melancholy at the end of summer and holidays. Regardless of that, the truth is that some spectacles of nature can only be enjoyed during this season. So, it is the mountainous regions that prevail and who more than Switzerland can offer breathtaking views?! Not far from Italy, along the road to Saint Moritz, we came across a completely unexpected spectacle, which forced us to stop the car to take incredible photos. Scroll the article to find out!

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We are in the car, towards Saint Moritz. One after the other we pass the curves of the road that crosses the Engadine Valley, in south-eastern Switzerland. The valley is crossed by the Inn river, that feeds respectively the Sils Lake, Silvaplana Lake and St. Moritz Lake. In this region, the mountain slopes are covered with dense forests of larches, a type of conifer with needle-like leaves, that is native to the Alpine areas of Europe. Unlike other conifers, larch has the particularity of losing its leaves in winter. Before reaching this stage, all its foliages becomes progressively coppery-golden color. The coloring peak is reached between late October and early November and it is precisely at this moment that it offers storybook scenarios. As we enter the valley, we can see some golden larches between the pines along the road and the contrast of colors is amazing.


Suddenly, bypassing the central promontory of Sils Lake, which at that point creates a small bottleneck with the opposite shore, we enter a landscape so incredible that it is difficult to believe it is true: the lake is completely wrapped in a frame of copper-colored larches, it’s unbelievable!!! Immediately we stop the car in a large widening, which seems almost to have been placed there to accommodate the stopover of travelers in search of postcard views.




We stop long enough to fill our eyes and the reflex card and then we start again. But by now it is a continuous stop and go to other pitches, other parking lots, other secondary roads up to Saint Moritz. Even in the city there are many glimpses embellished by the golden color of the larch trees, but we will show them to you in the article dedicated to Saint Moritz.





If you are planning to take an autumn day trip or a weekend in one of the Swiss cities or if you wish to deepen the theme of foliage, we recommend you the website of the Swiss tourism. By scrolling the page you will find the interactive map of the current state of coloration of the woods and the indications of the peak weeks of the foliage region by region:



You will find that the best period for foliage is from mid-October to early November. Note it down in your diary and take in mind to plan a foliage-themed trip every year in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.

We did not start with the idea of collecting material to offer you an article on foliage. We were taken by surprise. But how could we not share this wonder with you? When looking for information about foliage in Switzerland, there are mainly references to the famous Vigezzina-Centovalli railway, known for the “foliage train”, which runs along the Domodossola-Locarno section. However, grabbing a ticket in the weekend on peak weeks is not so easy. So, there are other enchanting itineraries that can be traveled by car, today we have told you about one. We hope we have provided you with good ideas for your next autumn trips.

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