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BALI – The accessible luxury: 3 hotel with private pool that will not make your account red

This article is written for you, lovers of the low cost travel, so attentive to expenses, always looking for the best compromise, even giving up comfort and pleasure, to add “quantity” instead of “quality”. It is the case of flights (you can split the journey in more economic stages or fly at improbable hours), but

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BALI – In the heart of the island: what to see in one or more days, traveling by car!

If you decided to looking for the true soul of Bali, your exploration must start from the small town of Ubud, which we have already discussed in our previous article (read here), and then expand to its surroundings: you will be fascinated in discovering the way harmonious in which nature intertwines with the sacredness of

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BALI – Ubud, the small cultural capital of the island: what to see in autonomy

The central part of the island is the one that most of all contains the essence of true Balinese culture, the one that has kept alive its rural spirit over the centuries but also its artistic soul, which finds its best in paintings, sculptures, textile art and silver objects. The fulcrum around which all this

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