NUOVA CALEDONIA – The Isle of Pines seen from above, flying over the world’s number one lagoon

In our previous article (which you can read here) we intrigued you by telling you, through words and images, about this little unspoiled paradise which is the Isle of Pines. The place is so beautiful that we didn’t limit ourselves to explore it only from our terrestrial perspective, but we decided to let our drone

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NEW CALEDONIA – Isle of Pines, discovering a forgotten tropical paradise

A small island in the Pacific Ocean, just 19 kilometers wide, is known for the beauty of its bays, the colors of the waters and the great tranquility that one breathes. The small Kunié was discovered in 1774 by James Cook and renamed “Ile des Pins” because of the particular vegetation that still covers it

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NEW CALEDONIA – Le Méridien Île des Pins

It is overlooking an enchanted bay, lapped by clear waters with incredible golden sparkles that in the distance blend in a thousand shades towards a very intense turquoise; it is set in a frame of maritime columnar pines: Le Méridien in the Isle of Pines has chosen an extraordinary location. Leggi in italiano ⇒ clicca qui Your stay

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