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visit Saint-Denis

REUNION – Visit Saint-Denis and the coastal towns

After having shown and told you a lot about the naturalistic beauties of Réunion, we can no longer avoid this new chapter: the towns. In fact, although the large inhabited centers of the coast are very distant from

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REUNION – The most scenic waterfalls to see on the island

We have already told you that Réunion is a verdant and mountainous island. We have also told you that half of its surface is a UNESCO World Heritage natural park. We talked about the circuses of Mafate, Salazie

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REUNION – Breathe in the culture of the island through the Creole Villages circuit

Rèunion is strongly influenced by the French culture, especially along the coastal towns. But if you reach the most remote territories of the Hauts, you will discover a reality made up of villages, in which the geographical isolation

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REUNION – The circuses of Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos, a UNESCO World Heritage site

As we have already told, the territory of the island is dominated by a very suggestive central area that is part of the Réunion National Park, as well as a

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NEW CALEDONIA – Isle of Pines, discovering a forgotten tropical paradise

A small island in the Pacific Ocean, just 19 kilometers wide, is known for the beauty of its bays, the colors of the waters and the great tranquility that one

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ALSACE – Real places that inspired the fairy tale of “Beauty and the Beast”

Riquewihr is a small village with medieval charm, also known as the village of “Beauty and the Beast”. In fact, it is the first thing that would come to your

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BALI – Ubud, the small cultural capital of the island: what to see in autonomy

The central part of the island is the one that most of all contains the essence of true Balinese culture, the one that has kept alive its rural spirit over

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MAURITIUS – What to see and what excursions to do

If, when you think of Mauritius, you only dream beaches and imagine yourselves on the deckchair drinking your cocktail in the shade of a palm tree…it means one thing: you

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